Symphony Touch 80 Litre Air Cooler

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It is a beautifully designed air cooler fit for modern lifestyle. Knobs at the top are surprisingly smooth with chromium paint, gives you the feeling of touch. Water tank capacity is 80 Litre. Fours sides with high quality honey comb cooling pads. Cooling pads are cassette-type designed making it easily removable. Cooling is aided by powerful double blower. Suitable for large rooms up to size of 135 m³.  Air delivery is good and air throw is good that ranges between 7 to 24 m. Product dimension is 81 x 45 x 112.5 cm and weight is 10.5 Kg. It is power efficient with 205 w power consumption.

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 Symphony Touch 80 Litre Air Cooler is one of the best desert air coolers in India. With beautiful design and attractive look it never forgets to deliver cooling as needed.  It delivers cool air efficiently with less water and power consumption. It consumes less power around 205 w. So you can run it on inverters.

Symphony Touch 80 L gives you the feeling of luxury and comfort cooling in modern lifestyle. With hygienic, pure and cool air backed by double blower for effective cooling with very less noise is definitely a good choice in today’s advanced modern lifestyle. Two knobs at the top: one is fan speed control knob and another is cool and swing control knob. Touch these knobs you will feel its fairly smooth design.

It has 80 Litre of water holding capacity that endures longer that eases our worry for two full night sleep. Water consumption rate is very low as it has good quality and highly dense cooling pad. These cooling pads retain water for longer duration so efficiency is very good. Cooling is aided double blower not by fans. So less noise.

Symphony Touch 80 L is a unique in its kind at it has 6 high efficiency removable hybrid pads, fully closable louvers and cassette-type removable pads. High quality honey comb cooling pad surround it from 4 sides for powerful cooling.

The inbuilt i-pure technology with UV provides multistage air purification that comprises of 5 stage filters against dust, smell, allergy, bacteria and wash. With i-Pure technology it gives pure and hygienic air to breath in while taking comfort of cool breeze without compromising our health.

This air cooler is suitable for large rooms up to 135 m³ and air throw capacity is also good with range between 7 to 24 m.  You can take the comfort of this cooler with low maintenance. You can easily remove and clean its cassette-type cooling pad with less maneuver.

Though it is a advanced air cooler with stunning design it has some minor demerits. Water indication system needs improvement and its water outlet may give you inconvenience as water overflows through it. Though price is high it does not have any remote control system.


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9Expert Score
Touch 80 is stunning in its design. Aided by powerful blower cooling is no better than this. It is a super product. With low maintenance and less power consumption it saves energy. Though price is high you may go for it in this high temperature summer to feel the touch of a cooler.
Air Delivery
  • Cooling is aided by double blower and not fans. So less noise.
  • Water tank is large with 80 L water holding capacity.
  • Design and look is stunning.
  • Honeycomb cooling pads are provided from 4 sides which is a unique feature.
  • Maintenance is easy with cassette-type cooling pads.
  • With i-Pure and UV technology it filters air at five stages for dust, smell, allergy, bacteria and wash.
  • Hygienic for your family's health.
  • No remote control.
  • Water outflows through water outlet at back when overflow. Should have auto-filling.
  • No touch pad as the name suggests.

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Symphony Touch 80 Litre Air Cooler
Symphony Touch 80 Litre Air Cooler