Symphony Touch 55 Ltrs Air Cooler (White)

Symphony Touch 55 Ltrs Air Cooler (White)

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But Symphony Touch 55 Litre air cooler is a very similar product as Symphony Touch 80 Litre air cooler. Difference lies in few things like water holding capacity is 55 Litre and  covers smaller area of around 71 m³.

Symphony Touch 55 Specifications & Review

  • Water tank capacity: 55 Litre
  • Product dimensions are 81 x 45 x 101.1 cm & weight is 11.2 Kg.
  • Body design is quite different from other air coolers.
  • It has stunning and beautiful look.
  • Due to its modern and advanced looking it fits modern lifestyle.
  • Cooling is aided by double blower, not by fans.
  • Air delivery is good which can cover room area up to 71 m³.
  • Six numbers of high quality honeycomb cooling pads that wrap around 4 sides.
  • Cooling pads are easily removable as these are designed as cassette-type.
  • Two knobs, chromium painted, at the top one for fan speed control and another for cool & swing control.
  • Ergonomic two-in-one handle, used to move the cooler and winder, works as a power cord winder when not in use.
  • Water level indicator present towards bottom at the front side.
  • Water outlet on back side works when there is water overflow. This may cause inconvenience to you when water spills outside.
  • There is no auto-refill system. This is a little bit concern but it is ok as most of the time we don’t have necessary dedicated water tap to connect with it. One can easily connect a pipe to a water tap to fill water into it manually.
  • Noise level is very low. Which is an added benefit that ensures quiet sleeping.
  • Maintenance is low and requires low maneuver.
  • Water and ice cubes can be poured into it manually from both sides. Which further cools down the room temperature.
  • For easily removing water there is a water outlet fitted with a cork present at the bottom.
  • For better performance and better cooling you need it to cross ventilate it.
  • Despite many positive features, it lacks remote control feature which is manageable if we think of only basic functionalities.

Let’s compare this product Symphony Touch 55 with  Symphony Touch 80 L air cooler for better understanding and easier buying.

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It is a beautifully designed air cooler fit for modern lifestyle. Knobs at the top are surprisingly smooth with chromium paint, gives you the feeling ...
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Symphony Touch 55 Ltrs Air Cooler (White)
Symphony Touch 55 Ltrs Air Cooler (White)