Havells Celia I 55 Litre Cooler

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Loaded with full remote control functionality Celia i has become one of the most popular desert cooler in India this summer season. To prevent dust and insects it incorporates completely closable louvers in a unique way. Despite its high air delivery, its known for low noise.

Have a look at its specifications..

Tank capacity55 L
Input Power 220 W
Input Voltage220 V to 240 V
Product size L x W x H66 cm x 51 cm x 111.5 cm
Motor typeMetal (aluminum)
Fan size40.64 cm
Air Delivery3500 m³ / h
Cooling space coverage116 m³
Humidity Control No
Cooling mediaHoney comb pad
Ice ChamberYes
Louvers fully closableYes
Remote controlYes
Timer functionality No
Water level indicatorYes
Temperature displayNo
Auto-drain No
Power cord winder Yes
Dust filterNo
Tank CoverNo
Thermal overload protection Yes

For instant chilled air in a very hot summer Havells Celia i is one among the best air coolers in India. With ice chamber for instant chillness and auto fill system for continuous water supply, Havells Celia i is a best performer. Besides the fully closable louvers its body design suits its low noise cooling for cool mindful rest.


Body design is slightly oval and with silver color gives it a very good look. So it looks like a premium air cooler; not an ordinary one. But just look is not everything it has quite useful features. Among them are fully closable louvers to prevent dust and insects entering into it. You know health is first. So by preventing dust and insects into air cooler, it prevents spread of unhealthy environment. In another aspects it provides us dust-free clean air to breath in. So in either way it keeps watch of our health.

Now coming into product size which is large. So suitable for a large size room. With large fan blade size of 40.64 cm it is the king of air cooler. So known for its strong air.

When there is no need of the cooler you can keep its power cord at the winder at the back side. This reduces our overhead little bit.

Fan & Air Delivery

Fan is again made up of aluminum metal and not of plastic. So air is cool and strong.  Another important thing is that due to its specially designed fans, despite high speed it produces low noise. You know that noise is a important factor for your peaceful rest or work under the cool air of the cooler. If any cooler, despite strong and cool air, produces unbearable sound, then what’s the use of the cooler? It’s a total waste! But in this case low noise is a main feature of Havells Celia i.

Its another important factor high air delivery of about 3500 m³ / hr. So air delivery is strong enough to blow you away! And air throw is also good with its strong powerful motor.


Honeycomb cooling pads are great in hydrophilic in nature and has higher water retaining capacity. So Havells Celia i has used high quality honey comb pads for its 3 sides for better cooling option. Though honey comb cooling pad is now-a-days a normal thing but its essential to discuss for better understanding of its functionalities.

There is a ice chamber on top to provide instant cooling experience. When there is a need you can take the advantage and put some ice cubes it the ice chamber and take the comfort of cooling.

Fully Functional Remote Control

Unlike Celia, Havells Celia i is even more use friendly with full functional remote control system. Which was missed in Celia, Havells Celia i has fulfilled. So it is made easy category air cooler for lazy men!

That’s all! Anything important i have missed you are welcome to write your own review.

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Havells Celia is one of the innovative cooler by Havells with unique specialized design for low noise cooling. Despite that it has fully closable ...
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8.7Expert Score
Very Good
With fully functional remote control system Celia i has fulfilled its promise with low noise and high performance.
Air Delivery
  • Good design.
  • Color is beautiful.
  • Low noise performer.
  • Fan blades made up of metal with large size of 40.64 cm.
  • High air delivery of 3500 m³ / hr.
  • Fully closable louvers.
  • Auto fill system for continuous water supply to the cooler through pipe connection to a water tap.
  • Honey comb cooling pads on three sides for better cooling.
  • Fully functional remote control system.
  • No mesh nets.
  • No timer function.
  • No tank cover.
  • No humidity control.

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Havells Celia I 55 Litre Cooler
Havells Celia I 55 Litre Cooler

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