Hi guys. Thanks for a visit to our site PPLIANCES.COM which  is a leading website in India  helping  you shop online through unbiased reviews of home and kitchen appliances. We are working in affiliation with some of the leading e-commerce giants like Amazon, Flipkart,etc. We are here to help you buy online any home and kitchen appliances (for example, induction cook-top, refrigerators, kitchen aids, coffee makers, hygienic bottles,etc..). We also do price comparison from different websites and place before you just to save your valuable time.


Our mission is to help you when you become unable to decide which is to buy (sometimes, it happens to all of us) based on quality and price. A quality product may not always be costly, sometimes a low priced product gives more value than a costly product. Valuable and costly are two different words!


In todays world, e-commerce is a bingo BOOM!! You all know that. You can’t lie to your heart. Still why some of us are skeptical about shopping online? Because we don’t know how to buy online in a correct way. Or if we knew we don’t have time to compare products by products, price by price, specifications by specifications, merchants by merchants…Or if we have time we are afraid if product were defective.


Truly speaking we all prefer shopping offline. But shopping online is itself a great opportunity for us to find similar products and compare at one place. We don’t need much time traveling from shop to shop and wasting time. Most of the time the imminent side effects of offline shopping came to notice when we bought products that is not in our choice but with the choice of the shopkeeper!


How we do reviews of home and kitchen appliances ?

(We are not the best, though!)  We are trying our best to serve you by helping you shop online through our unbiased reviews of  home and kitchen appliances.


You may note that we are making reviews of home and kitchen appliances based on the customers feedback and also sometimes through our own experience with the products. We also buy some  products  for review purposes. Please note that we don’t accept any demo products from anyone for giving our review and its not possible for us to buy every products for review purposes. Some of the reviews are conducted on products bought by some of our friends or relatives. Be sure that those products which we don’t buy for our review, we make extensive research of customers feedback and rating  given online and filter out top quality products. So that you could get value for your money.


You are valuable to us. We know that if you don’t get value to your money you’ll definitely trash us!


What is our RCB policy?

RCB is acronym for  Read,Compare and Buy policy. That means read our reviews first, then compare with similar products for quality & price and then only buy. Still not satisfied, don’t buy. But don’t sit idle,do your research(Google will help you). Then go for buying! We value your hard-earned money.


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Guru Charan Mallick from Odisha,India is  the person behind this site. He is entrusted with all the needful necessary for running this site. He has a very good writing & judgement skill essential for giving any review.


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At final round up we would like to say that we are here for your service and thereby building our website step by step and during the process we would like to hear something from you. We would be glad to mention you in our website  for your valuable feedback.


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